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DiexKaoru Takes Over
The Great Big DiexKaoru Takeover Official LJ
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18th-Mar-2007 11:20 pm - merging: to diexkaorulove
The dxk_takeover and dxk_festival event communities have merged with diexkaorulove. All future posts regarding these events will be held on the main DiexKaoru Love comm from now on; any posts here will only be for archive purposes.

You can look to this post for further information; any additional questions, please contact one of the mods on the main comm.

Cross-posted to dxk_takeover, dxk_festival, and diexkaorulove.
27th-Oct-2006 04:39 pm - Community membership
HOT Die from the Family Values Tour
Starting today, this community will be open for membership for Takeover participants only. Participants can post, but remember, no entries hinting at or giving away the next Takeover deadline, all right? ;)

Please join the comm asap if you're a participant (meaning you officially signed-up on the sign-up entry for the first Takeover). A week after this entry we'll be sending invites to those who haven't signed up yet or haven't read this message.

Just want to remind everyone that all posts will still remain public for those who want to keep track of the event but don't want to participate, so there's no need to friends-lock posts.

To those who don't want to participate or plan to participate for the next Takeover and want to keep track of things, you're very much free to friend/watch this comm. :)
25th-Oct-2006 12:04 am - Takeover Update: Newsletter
Volume I Issue III of the The DxK Takeover Newsletter has been sent out! To participants: let me know if you've changed your e-mail since the last issue, or if you did not receive a copy! Thanks!

HOT Die from the Family Values Tour
I'm very sorry civilized_era and I haven't been commenting much on some of the Takeover entries, but work has been very hectic for me at the moment, and I have to leave for another business trip this week. civilized_era too has been very busy with school and we're trying our best to keep up. Much apologies to the participants whose entries we haven't commented on yet. There will be comments soon, we promise!

I'd like to take this very short free time I have to present this DxK Takeover Post-Event Survey. This is STRICLY FOR PARTICIPANTS ONLY. I understand that non-participants have something to say, particularly the dissenters, and when we have more time we will make a separate entry wherein you can properly comment and tell us what you think. We made this community journal public in the first place so you can all see what we have to say, and we would appreciate it if you tell us what you think directly and give us the proper right to defend ourselves. ^_^

For the participants: I love you all and I am very proud of the works you made for the Takeover. You were all fantastic and ceirosken and I can't really ask for more from you other than rest assured, there will be another Takeover event, and even though there is a core group of organizers assisting us (shout-outs to our lovely mod dark_schuldig, the talented decomposition who was responsible for ALL the graphics used in this event, and ravanna and xxmagpie for the assistance, ideas and support), the event will obviously be nothing without you all. We hope that you'll use this survey as a chance to air out all your suggestions, ideas, praise (:D), and even grievances to assure that we will have a near-perfect Takeover event next time. This is OUR event, ladies. Let's all work together and improve on what can be improved, and maintain what we're already doing right. :)

Guidelines for replying to the survey (I know this seems like such a big deal but since civilized_era and I won't have much time to check LJ we want to make things streamlined so it will be easier for us to collate everyone's answers. :))

1. Again, this survey is for participants only. If you signed up to join the first Takeover event, you're considered a participant, even in the end you didn't post an entry to the event. :)

2. All replies to the survey can be posted as a reply/comment to this entry. All comments/replies that are not answers to the survey/from non-participants will be deleted.

3. We hope you'll answer all the questions, but if you can't/don't want to it's ok! :)

On to the survey!Collapse )

That's it, and thanks again for reading! :)
5th-Sep-2006 02:59 pm - Tiny reminder. :)
HOT Die from the Family Values Tour
This is just to remind the participants who didn't make it to the deadline that it's never too late to post your work. :) It doesn't matter if you didn't make it to the deadline, your work will still be added to the archive.

We'll probably be stricter in implementing this 'deadline' rule for the next takeover, but for now, if you missed the deadline, don't be worried on whether you can post your work or not. You still can, all right? :)

Also, a closing survey will be posted here soon so we can have a consensus on everyone's comments and suggestions on how the Takeover was organized, and how it went in the end. We'll be posting the survey most likely tomorrow. :)

Edited to add: All Takeover-related entries have been added to the memories. ;)

Edited to add again: HOMG. It's 'stricter', not 'more strict'. *hates self*
2nd-Sep-2006 01:17 pm - Takeover Follow-ups
Hmm. Check out the comment where one of them says KxD writers "are so good at writing fics." (Still don't understand the difference between DxK/KxD, but whatevah.) And this, folks, is where we start to see the retaliation - there needs to be a little destruction before things can improve, and if other-pairing communities can evolve and better their standards of work because of what we did, then that's excellent. I can't wait. \m/

Would also like to point out this debate about the general theme/purpose/intentions of the Takeover - what are your thoughts on this issue? Activism is always going to be controversial, and it'd be great to hear what you think. (But play nicely; we can't please everybody, and it's too bad that the dissenter is from within our own ranks, but she has a valid point - or at least has presented it well enough to bring about a formal debate. Just remember to stick to the rules of engagement.)
1st-Sep-2006 11:57 pm - DxK Takeover: Never Stops
The official DxK Takeover event is now over; posts will be collected and archived, and pretty soon we're all going to go and get a good night's rest, after spending the last twenty-four hours in constant anticipation and excitement for your fellow DxK fans' posts of their fanworks.

But: DxK never stops. This event was a chance to showcase fiction, art, and graphics from the most talented people in not just the DxK fandom, but in the entire Dir en grey fandom. (Ohh, yeah, I mean you. ;D) We exploded the comms today (and annoyed some people too, apparently o_o) -- but the important thing is, we made an impact, and there's no denying that people recognized this as an organized, fandom-centric event, and even if they didn't have a liking towards the pairing, they couldn't have had any qualms about the way in which this event was executed; you guys were awesome, seriously, and conducted yourselves brilliantly. And though it may not seem like it at the moment, this IS history in the making; it happened - we made it happen - and there's no going back because, well, DxK is the top.

Again, THANK YOU and MUCH LOVE to all the participants, as well as all those who commented and encouraged us! You guys are SUCH the best, the best crew for world domination EVER. \m/

Remember, we're always available for any questions or comments - just an e-mail away!

And on a personal note: I promised you guys a manifesto today, and unfortunately that didn't happen in time for the Takeover; however, I'm manipulating the strategems a little bit and thinking about making it as a follow-up to the Takeover; hope that's okay. ;)
HOT Die from the Family Values Tour

Banner made by decomposition ;)

Just some reminders:

1. After you post your entry to any of the comms on the list, please reply to this entry with a link to your entries for easy archiving. :)

2. Please use decomposition's icons specifically made for the Takeover for unity. If you haven't got one yet, please refer to civilized_era's latest takeover newsletter.

3. It would be great if you put 'written for the dxk_takeover' in your author's notes, summary, or anywhere in your entry, so just in case people ask, they can always be linked straight to the comm to be informed. ;)

and lastly, SUPPORT EACH OTHER, everybody! This is one of our fandom's biggest projects ever and we want to make sure we are unified in supporting each other outside the DxK fandom. :)

Now that's done, POST, POST, POST! :D
29th-Aug-2006 02:05 pm - Latest newsletter out
HOT Die from the Family Values Tour
Guys, the latest newsletter was just sent out by civilized_era to all participants. If you didn't receive it, post a comment here so a copy of the newsletter will be sent to you. :)

Also, to all participants, please friend this comm! All entries will be archived here, and this will also be the central hub for discussion and announcements pertaining to the Takeover. While diexkaorulove is our official home, everything related to the Takeover will be addressed here first. :)
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